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Stadium Essen

New construction of the stadium in Essen

  • Design:PLAN FORWARD GmbH
  • GFA|Gr.Vol|NIA:10,300 m² | 48,300 m³ | 5,900 m²
  • Visitor seating:20,500, expandable to 26,000 or 35,000 depending on expansion stage
  • Services:General planning, AHO Project stage 1 - 5, scope A - D, HOAI § 33, LPH 2 - 8, HOAI § 33, LPH 2 - 8
  • Period:2009 - 08/2013
  • Costs:65 mio. Euros for 35,000 seats
  • Client:Grundstücksverwaltung Stadt Essen GmbH (GVE)

Project description

The building inaugurated in 1939 as the "Stadion an der Hafenstraße", later named Georg-Melches-Stadion and used as a venue for the Rot-Weiss Essen e.V. soccer club, was dilapidated and therefore demolished. In order to be able to continue playing without interruption, the WOLFF GRUPPE-subsidiaries PLAN FORWARD and W+P realized the new construction slightly offset from the old stadium.

In the first stage of expansion, the city of Essen received a future-proof, modern single-tier stadium with 32 rows of seats and a total capacity of around 20,000. The stadium will offer around 9,000 standing places, around 11,000 seats, 136 press seats, business seats, box seats and wheelchair-accessible seats with companion seats. 

In a second expansion phase, a further 5,500 seats could be added by extending the corners. By adding a second tier, the total capacity could even be increased to around 35,000 seats in a possible third expansion phase.