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Mülheim a.d.R.

  • Design:PLAN FORWARD GmbH
  • GFA|Gr.Vol:832 m² | 4,338 m³
  • Services:General + property planning, LPH 1 - 8
  • Period:Q2/2018 - Q3/2021
  • Costs:Upon request
  • Client:ImmobilienService of the city of Mülheim an der Ruhr

Extension of "Willy-Brandt-Schule" in Mülheim an der Ruhr

The task: An extension for a total of six additional classrooms for Willy-Brandt Schule in the Mülheim-Styrum district. The open space to the east of the school and the Grundschule Augustastraße was used for the construction project. 

The proven team of W+P mbH and PLAN FORWARD GmbH, both companies of the WOLFF GRUPPE Holding GmbH, worked interdisciplinary on the realization of the project – W+P as general planner, PLAN FORWARD is responsible for the design and object planning.

When PLAN FORWARD built the refugee accommodation for the city of Mülheim in 2016 using the wooden modular construction method, a possible subsequent use had already been taken into account. Two years later, the time had come: as the basic body of the extension, two existing vacant refugee shelters in timber frame construction were drawn from the immediate vicinity, placed on the new site and connected by a large glazed connecting building, which serves as entrance and access to the two structures. Each of these building sections provides three new classrooms. The two single-story buildings are positioned opposite each other in the schoolyard in such a way that they simultaneously form their own schoolyard.

In order to create a uniform overall appearance, both buildings received a new facade cladding. Color-coded aluminum monopitch roofs extend over both parts of the building, cantilevering about one meter above the outer wall. Thereby the different parts of the building are connected under a common roof and at the same time frame the entrance situation.