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"Saalbau Essen"

Conversion, refurbishment and extension of the „Saalbau Essen“ in Essen

  • Design:Busmann + Haberer Gesellschaft von Architekten, Köln
  • GFA|Gr.Vol|NIA8,500 m² | 50,000 m³ | 6,500 m²
  • Services:AHO project stage 1 - 5, scope A - D, HOAI § 33, LPH 6 - 8
  • Period:2000 - 2005
  • Costs:16.2 mio. Euros (net, CG 200-700)
  • Client:City of Essen, GVE Grundstücksverwaltung City of Essen GmbH

Project description

The "Saalbau Essen" has a 100-year tradition and is the largest concert hall in the Ruhr metropolitan region. After an extensive two-year renovation, it is now home to the Essen Philharmonic Orchestra and other event venues. The ceremonial reopening took place in June 2004. 

In the course of the modernization and renovation under the management of W+P - Gesellschaft für Projektrealsiierugn mbH, the central wing, located at right angles to the concert halls, with its foyer hall and public halls, was restored in the style of the 1950s under monument preservation aspects. 

The wall coverings of the large entrance hall and the " Bunten Säle", which are worthy of preservation, were removed and refurbished during the refurbishment so that they could then once again appear in the renewed context. The previously rather dull foyer wing was brightened by ceiling lights with milky glass surfaces and supports the expansion of the foyer with a new glass pavilion, in which various types of events as well as concerts can take place. 

All rooms can thus be used independently. A performance network for sound and video technology enables flexible use as well as cross-connections and transmissions between the rooms, some of which are listed buildings. In the exterior, the color of the facade was reconstructed according to as-built photos. Improved building access allows the traditional entrance on Huyssenallee to be supplemented by another entrance via the Stadtgarten.