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University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück

  • Design:PLAN FORWARD GmbH
  • GFA|Gr.Vol|NIA7,000 m² | 33,500 m³ | 3,823 m²
  • Services:HAOI § 33, LPH 1 - 8
  • Period:12/2001 - 10/2004
  • Costs:16.5 mio. Euros
  • Client:State constructio management Osnabrück
  • Silver award of the German Designer Club DDC
  • BDA-Award Niedersachsen 2006 - special mention
  • "Niedersächsischer Staatspreis für Architektur" 2008 – close selection

Extension of the University of Applied Sciences in Osnabrück

The Caprivi Barracks were redesignated as a new location for the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences as part of a revitalization project. The aim of PLAN FORWARD GmbH's design was to reduce the visually effective building mass in order to preserve the urban quality of the listed ensemble.

For this purpose, all large seminar and lecture hall areas were accommodated in a broad-based single-story building section, taking advantage of the existing topography. As an extension of the existing Kaserenenplatz, a spacious campus is achieved, which is spatially framed as a city terrace by a three-story, bar-like structure for laboratory, library and EDP uses.