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"Haus des Waldes"

New construction of the seminar and exhibition building "Haus des Waldes" in Stuttgart

  • Design:PLAN FORWARD GmbH
  • GFA|Gr.Vol:1,500 m² | 11,625 m³
  • Services:HOAI § 15, LPH 2 - 8
  • Period:1996
  • Costs:1.5 mio. Euros including outdoor facilities
  • Client:State of Baden-Württemberg, represented by Staatliches Vermögens- und Hochbauamt
  • 1. Prize „Photovoltaics in buildings” by the Bundesministeriums für Forschung und Technologie 1995
  • Award „Vorbildliche Bauten in Stuttgart” by the city of Stuttgart
  • "Holzbaupreis Baden-Württemberg" 1997
  • European Glulam Award 1999
  • German "Holzleim-Baupreis" 1999

Project description

"Haus des Waldes" is located close to the city, not far from Stuttgart's Landmark Fernsehtrum, in the middle of the city forest and thus offers excellent opportunities for outdoor experiences. In particular, the open and transparent exhibition areas are designed to make visitors experience the close connection between the forest-related exhibitions and the forest in the building's surroundings.

In accordance with its function as an exhibition focal point, PLAN FORWARD's design for the new building includes an all-round glazed hall area for the inclusion and observation of the surrounding forest space and the environmental influences of season and weather.

A filigree construction made of glulam spans the flexibly usable, arch-shaped hall area. The smaller rooms ("functional area"), accommodated in the two-story part of the building, divide the building envelope according to their respective requirements into closed parts boarded with untreated wood or in parts provided with window strips.

Since the entire construction of the building is made of wood, a naturally renewable resource, it illustrates not only the complex system of wood utilization and use, but also the corresponding conservation of other, non-renewable resources. All wooden components are made of Douglas fir, which was felled near Ulm. A retrofitting of the roof surfaces with solar cells for the production of service water and electrical power is planned.